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Leben des Galilei - Bertolt Brecht

I didn’t have much time to read since July, because I had to write my bachelor thesis and was forced to deal with a lot of Russian poetry by Natalja Gorbanevskaja – who, by the way, is an amazing poet (and I say this despite the fact that I actually don't like poetry..). If you have the time, check her out!


But, since I am finally finished, I sat down on my sunbed and thought, "Hey, let’s read some Brecht." Why not.

I saw the Play Das Leben des Galileo Galilei this summer in a quarry (yes, there’s a stage in a quarry, I’m not kidding) and it was amazing. First, I was sceptical, because everything I had read so far from Brecht was awful. And awful is still a nice word to describe what I thought about it..

But, I would say, Das Leben des Galileo Galilei is not a typical Brecht play, so, very unlikely for myself, I enjoyed it very much!