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this is the highly subjective way I read and interpret literature

(the emphasis lies on literature, so you'll only find a couply of trashy readings here and there)

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How I rate my books

When I scrolled through my blog I realised that I tend to rate the books I have read very generously – not meaning, that I say I like them, even if I don’t, but I think, that in the end I just tend to overlook some flaws, even though they bugged me while reading. This might be, because looking back I do not think of them any longer as being very important or, simply because I don’t want to be that person who goes on and on about how crappy a book is. Even if I truly dislike something, I try to focus on the things I liked about it. Because my glass is half full and I am sure, yours is too.


So I finally decided to put down some guidelines, which makes the whole rating process easier for me and at the same time more comprehensible and transparent for you guys. So, here we go, you are welcome!



5 – I loved it! A really good and a well written story, filled with great characters who come to life. Those are the books I re-read, have already re-read or am definitely planning on re-reading and which mean a lot to me and are overall very special.

4 – A very good book, but something was simply missing for me to loving it. Still, I might re-read it at some point and can still recommend it with a clear conscience.

3 – Well. Average.

2 – I probably made it through, but I wasn’t feeling it. Could also have been worse, though.

1 – I did not like that at all. I might advise my enemies to read this.

0 – is giving 0 stars even possible? If yes, than there is everything wrong here. Who published this?