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I did not expect it to be that good

Am Hang - Markus Werner

Am Hang by Markus Werner is the story of two men meeting by chance in Switzerland over the course of a long weekend.

They start to talk, at first halting, but both are fascinated by their counterpart and at this evening they are the last to leave their table and they agree upon meeting each other the next day.


This book was really good. It starts with the awkward situation of someone sitting down at your table because it's the only free chair left in the restaurant and it ends with the realization that this might not have been so unintentionally as it first seemed to be (or was it just pure coincidence?)


I would have rated it 5/5 stars, but the last page was really unnecessary (in terms of actually writing what every reader who paid attention while reading is probably guessing). I just hate it when authors explicitly explain the most obvious things in the ending.