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What I am reading

this is the highly subjective way I read and interpret literature

(I mostly read classic belles-lettres, but you’ll find some examples of trashy readings here and there as well)

Sooo good!

Der Sandmann - E.T.A. Hoffmann, Ulrich Hohoff

A lot of people told me that Hoffmann’s The Sandman is uncanny, if not creepy, and good grief was everybody right about that.

Just a short anecdote about how atmospheric this text is: I took The Sandmann with me as I went to the hair dresser yesterday. As expected, I had to wait for about half an hour (that’s why I usually take a book with me) and while sitting there, I started to read. Immediately I was immersed in the story and turned page after page. At some point the hairdresser accidentally dropped a pair of scissors and I literally jumped in my seat. THAT’S how good this story is.