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Machines like you and me?

Machines like Me - Ian McEwan

This novel is all over the place! McEwan is cramming so many different agendas into 300 pages, it is almost ridiculous.

First and foremost, there’s the invention of highly advanced androids that seem to be an almost perfect imitation of humans – they walk and talk like humans, they have a simulated breath, heartbeat and digestion, their "skin“ feels warm to the touch and they claim to have a consciousness as well as feelings. And if this wasn’t enough of material for the plot, there is also British politics (in a version of Britain with an alternative history – a little different, but in the end, same problems as usual), a protagonist in love, death threats of a rapist, court trials, the problems of having an ageing and sick parent, struggles with finding a purpose in life, guilt, Alan Turing (also with an alternative biography), bureaucratic problems with adopting a child, a quite impressive amount of sex, and, believe it or not, stock trading. And did I mention that there’s an android?

Without going in too much detail, Machines like me could have been a lot better if the author concentrated on one or three agendas tops instead of trying to fit everything into one novel.