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Poor Oksana, yet at the same time: poor me!

Сердешна Оксана - Григорій Квітка-Основ'яненко

This is what I spent my last week with. I did a presentation today about this text by the early Ukrainian Author Hryhorij Kvitka-Osnov’janenko and I am so relieved that this is over! In order to talk about it, I had to read it first, naturally. The problem here is, that this was written in Ukrainian (and not the modern-kind-of-similar-to-Russian-Ukrainian, but the old-fashioned 1838 Ukrainian with weird orthography and lexis) and the only available translations are in Bulgarian, Polish, Czech and a French one from 1853. Tough luck.


With the help of a bunch of dictionaries and a couple of sleepless nights later, I finally managed to understand the text, so now I can proudly say, that it was ok.


Сердешна Оксана is a sentimental story, clearly in the tradition of Karamzin, but it has some „refreshing“ twists to the classic sentimental plot and Oksana is actually portrayed pretty well psychologically, considering it was written in the early 19th century. Overall, this was rather exhausting, not only due to the language, but also because the narrator tends to moralise every now and then for quite some extended passages.