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Team Tesla!

Meine Erfindungen, Das Problem der Steigerung der menschlichen Energie - Nikola Tesla, Ulrich Heerd

Tesla was definitely one of the greatest masterminds (if not THE mastermind) of all times. It is incredible, how much ahead of his time he was, and even though some of his beliefs turned out to be wrong or are outdated, in many concerns he is still pretty much ahead of our time as well.

I mean, imagine the first half of the 20th century, and Tesla is talking about wireless data transmission and interplanetary communication!


This book is just one of six in this incredible edition containing many of his writings and essays. It started with a couple of autobiographical essays or articles about his childhood, how he found out that he wanted to become an engineer, his studies and his first major inventions.


I did not fully understand everything, but still, it was fascinating and super interesting! What absolutely stunned me though, was Teslas writing style. It is really informative, sophisticated, but at the same time (overall) comprehensible (at least for me) and entertaining. I've read fiction with writing styles that are a lot worse.


I am really looking forward to the other five books!