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Уважаемые пассажиры, осторожно двери закрываются!

Metro 2034 - Dmitry Glukhovsky

Well, that was quite disappointing. After I finished Moskau 2033 – the prequel to this book, I immediately ordered this one and I couldn't wait until I had the time to read it. Especially now, after I've been to Moscow and seen the Metro with my own eyes!


But all I can say right now is mehh. A little over 500 pages of waiting for something to happen.. In the first book, when the protagonist walked from one station to another through dark and menacing tunnels, it was exciting to read - some parts seriously gave me the creeps. But this time, when someone walked through a tunnel, there was no excitement, nothing! People were moving around the Metro as if everything was just fine, just taking a stroll, nothing special.. you know, after the atomic war we can no longer go upstairs, but let's just walk around down here for a bit.

At some point even the author got a little confused from all the walking around, that he mixed up two stations and sent his protagonists even back the way they came, just to arrive at the station from which they had just left 10 pages earlier.


I know, that it is a trilogy, and that Metro 2035 is also out there, but seriously? After this one I am not sure of whether it would not be more enjoyable to just go back and read the first book a second time instead of reading the sequel of the sequel.