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One of my alltime favorites!

Schuld und Sühne - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Richard Hoffmann

The first time I read Crime and Punishment by Dostoevskij, I literally wasn't able to put it down, so I read the whole book in less than two days. Now I read it again and I love it even more!


But first things first. I have to say that I absolutely disapprove of the new title of the German translation by Swetlana Geier, which is now the literal interpretation Verbrechen und Strafe instead of the logical rough translation Schuld und Sühne which is why my edition still has the old and far more corresponding title and I refuse to call the book any other than that.

Now, why do I even bother about the title? Well, that's simply because the book is actually about Schuld und Sühne (for all of you who don't speak German, that means "guilt and expiation") and not about Verbrechen und Strafe (that's "crime and punishment"). After Raskolnikov commits his murder, what actual punishment does he get?




His punishment comes from within, it is neither forced onto him from other people nor his surroundings. He is worried and confused, he fantasises and all his misery and punishment arises from the fact, that his conscience cannot bear the guilt. So, that's what I would call expiation.


But anyways, the book is amazing! I love Dostoevskij and out of his whole work, I think Schuld und Sühne is the highlight! It is an incredible psychological trip through hell, trying to find an answer to the question whether anyone has the right to kill another person that is not only useless to society, but is also harming others (and there are a few pages of romance).

Suit up with Rodion Raskolnikov, read his thoughts, follow him through the narrow alleys of St. Petersburg and try to make up your own mind about life and death!