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Public Enemies: The True Story Of America's Greatest Crime Wave - Bryan Burrough

This is one of the few non-fiction books I have read recently. Although I'm not really interested in American history, I am fascinated the time of the 30's, the great depression and the crime wave of that time, but especially I am interested in how the people dealt with such a situation that followed directly after the golden Jazz Age - two consecutive periods that couldn't differ more.


This book tells the stories of Americas most wanted public enemies like John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, the Baker Family, Bonnie & Clyde and many more. It is fascinating and stunning to read about the first bank robberies and the getaway routes and vehicles and all the tricks the gangs used to rob banks. On the other side Bryan Burrough describes the attempts of President Hoover to form the FBI to arrest those criminals. It is shocking when you read that 5 of the most wanted public enemies of that time were able to flee, because the inexperienced agents forgot to cover the rear exit of the hotel they were hiding in.


Burrough did an excellent research and describes both sides from a critical point of view, a fact I have to highlight, because usually American authors tend to defend the fellow weapon-addicted Americans. So I rate it 5/5 stars, because of the excellent research, the very interesting writing style and the critical and neutral point of view.