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The Cat Inside - William S. Burroughs

My picture of William S. Burroughs – coming from the couple of books I read – was one of a weapon fanatical, crazy and borderline paranoid old man. I think I mentioned in a previous review on one of his books, that the only thing in his writing that actually shocks me is the incoherency in it (probably because he used to cut up the text and assemble it again, without giving any attention to connectivity).


Anyways, for myself, reading Burroughs has always been a bit of a fight to pull a whole book through, but then I discovered The Cat Inside - and POW! Burrougs is back for me!


If you devide people into cat and dog people (like I do), I am definitly a catperson – always have been and always will be. And so was Buroughs. The Cat Inside shows his passion and unconditional love for these fascinating creatures the internet is filled with. With the help of anecdotes, notes, memories and dreams (because what would a book by Burroughs be without a little incoherence..) he shows a very touching side of his personality. Ultimatly The Cat Inside forced me to alter my picture of Burroughs completly, turning a crazy fanatic into this lovely guy: