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Timequake - Kurt Vonnegut

Timequake just happened to me.


I was neither planning on reading it, nor did I even buy it on purpose. I had to order a book for work and in order to not having to pay for any shipment, it was cheaper for me to just order another book, so that you exceed a certain amount and the delivery is for free – you know the drill (dupery, I know..). But that’s how I came to order Timequake.

I was visiting my parents, which in my case means a nearly four hour train ride during which I actually planned to do some work, and while searching my luggage for my computer Timequake literally fell into my hands, although I didn’t and don’t even know why I took it with me. I decided to just take a look at it, you know, just read the first couple of pages..


To keep a long story short – I didn’t do any work, I just sat there and kept on reading – and it was great! Vonnegut is such an amazing writer – take some intelligent, funny, surprising and interesting writing and mix it up with some autobiographical pieces and some sciene fictiona and voilá!


Reading Timequake was the most pleasant coincidence ever!