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A love story on Valentine's day

Eugen Onegin: Ein Roman in Versen. - Alexander Pushkin

Puškin is for Russians what Shakespeare is for the English. And Eugen Onegin is probably Puškin’s most famous play – and, I guess, it‘s a good book for a review on Valentine‘s Day.

Eugen Onegin is one of the love stories I like, because there is no cliché happy ending. You can call me rude or weird or heartless or awesome or whatever you like, but I prefer those books that leave the protagonists (and probably also the reader) unsatisfied in some particular way. Those are the books that keep me wondering and thinking about them for a long time after I finished reading them. So for me, Russian writers are probably a very good choice.

I am not going to spoil any of the plot for you, but just as much: in Eugen Onegin, you are going to find love letters, passionate confessions of love, jealousy, friendship, men, despair, duelling, some women and beautiful Russian balls.

What I liked about Eugen Onegin is, that Puškin obviously did not take any conventions too seriously – neither social nor literary ones. If you are looking for a not-really-a-cliché-love-story for your evening on Valentine‘s Day - Puškin!