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Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories
Richard Bunning

Unbelievable Non-Fiction

Red Square At Noon - Natalya Gorbanevskaya, Natalþja Gorbanevskaja

Red Square at Noon is the report of eight people protesting in Moscow in 1968 against the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops and their subsequent trial.

It is an unbelievable account of injustice and the abuse of court and civil rights in Soviet Russia.


Natalia Gorbanevskaja was the only one of the demonstrators who remained free due to her small children and so she considered it her responsibility to tell their story, so that the western press would know what happened to them. As a consequence to publishing this book, she was institutionalised into a Soviet Psycho Prison in Kazan and had to undergo forced medical treatment for two years.


Very touching but hard to believe. 5/5 stars