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Angela Carter - Nights at the Circus

This book is about a journalist who joins a circus touring through Russia in order to find out whether the aerialist Fevvers really is a woman with real wings or if she just claims to be.


Sounds awesome, right?







 Well, it was not.





I don't think that Carter was able to depict the unique athomsphere of a circus with all the amazing carnies and their skills - I mean, what an enormous potential for a books' setting! But all of the characters (even the protagonists) were so flat, it was hardly believable! I always thought, ok, maybe the next chapter will bring anything to make them a little bit vivid or likeable, but unfortunately nothing like this happened.

Although I liked the story itself, as soon as it started to get interesting, it was interrupted with tales of life stories of some characters that didn't even show up once in the book, and were not responsible for any developement of the protagonists life (so why tell their stories in such an extended way??). And one story was even more boring and more stupid than the one before (and there were lots of those tales). They were not only unnecessary but also long without measure and just detained the plot to go on (I even dare to claim that they were written, so that the ultimate result was a book and not a short story..)


There were some pretty interesting passages about clowns and their behavior which always results in chaos and some thoughts about the nature of circuses which I did enjoy, but still, not better than 1/5 stars.