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this is the highly subjective way I read and interpret literature

(the emphasis lies on literature, so you'll only find a couply of trashy readings here and there)

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Nong’s Thai Kitchen
Alexandra Greeley, Nongkran Daks
Progress: 20/160 pages
Erwachen im 21. Jahrhundert
Jürg Halter
Progress: 78/227 pages
Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories
Richard Bunning

Reading progress update: I've read 174 out of 238 pages.

The Sweet Science. Boxing and Boxiana: A Ringside View - A.J. Liebling

Just to give you an example of why I am in love with this book:


"Next, a short but barrel-chested Puerto Rican lightweight came on with a thin fellow from Philadelphia; the weights were even, and it was a contest between a vertical line and a cube. This was better – the Philadelphian was resolute, although unduly prolonged, and the Puerto Rican appeared to be a great hitter, in a shot-putting style. ‘Look at him!’ a man behind me cried. ‘He looks like a monkey – you know – a griller!’ Having found his mot juste, he stuck to it for eight rounds. ‘A griller!’ he would exclaim whenever the Puerto Rican would up to pitch a fist. ‘A griller! A griller!’ The griller did not succeed in converting the Philadelphian into a horizontal, but he made him look like two sides of a triangle in search of a third."