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The Boy WHO kicked pigs ;)

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs - Tom Baker

Did you ever wonder, what the fourth Doctor is up to in his free time? Only recently did I discover that Tom Baker wrote this "grotesque masterpiece", which I figured is a children’s book.


I had some... let’s call it misunderstandings in the past when it came to children’s books. What I sometimes assumed to be a nice book for kids turned out to be not very nice at all. And here we go again.


The book starts with the sentence: "Saturday, June the 13th. And Robert Caligari is going to die today." So, what is going to happen is pretty clear, but I did not in the least anticipate the way Tom Baker is letting this boy die. Jesus. People die a lot more peaceful in most Zombie movies.


But anyways, The Boy who kicked pigs really is pretty funny. I guess I am just a little confused now, because I wasn’t expecting anything like this at all. *sigh* Tom Baker… always good for a surprise :-)