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The World's Wife: Poems - Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife is a collection of poems in which she expresses the ladie’s view on a lot of historical or mythological figures and events. There are poems in which a voice is given to Eurydice, Mrs Darwin, Mrs Sisyphus, Medusa, Mrs Icarus, Frau Freud, Salome and many many more.


Some of the poems are longer, some shorter, some are more sincere, some are funnier and some are wittier than others. I absolutely fell in love with the idea behind this collection though. Basically the traits, habits and the behaviour of every single female character up to the 19th century was depicted through a mans voice and a male perspective (sure, except for the few honorable exceptions, which you can count on one hand). So I think, even without going hardcore feminist here, Duffys approach is absolutely legitimate. Who knows, whether Eurydice wanted to get out of the Hades or where Darwin got his idea for the Origin of Species.


Bottom line: this is a very entertaining poetry collection, not just for you girls out there, but for you boys just as well. This lady has definitely earned her status as Poet laureate!