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THAT was Wuthering Heights?

Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

This classic has been on my To Read pile for quite some time now. I actually didn't approach it with the expectation of reading a beautiful love story – and if you follow my reviews, you know that I disklike all of those cliche type love stories with happy endings where the lovers live happily ever after – but I was certainly not expecting THAT.

I am quite confused, why anyone in the world would consider Wuthering Heights a love story, or anything else than a handbook on how to be an asshole combined with various ways of domestic abuse. There were some likeable characters (exactly three, to be honest), and of course, all of them had to go through a lot of shit, but still, even that's not reason enough to act like that and during some passages of the book I even hated the only three characters I generally liked. And I am not even getting started on Heathcliff or on Catherine right now..


The way the story is told – a housekeeper tells the new tenant the life story of the estates owner – is not very exciting and after the first 100 pages it gets rather exhausting. In the plot itself I really missed any sort of change, the basic motive is repeated over and over again, in the first as well as in the second generation of protagonists, until Wuthering Heights finally comes to an end.


Bottom line - it might be a classic novel, but it's not a great one.