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Der Kirschgarten / Вишнёвый сад

Der Kirschgarten - Anton Chekhov, Hans Walter Poll

I guess the Englsih title of this play is The Cherry Garden or The Cherry Orchard, but I don't really know (and honestly don't really care), because I actually read the original piece in Russian (yeah, I know, that's awesome.. :)


Normally I don't really fancy reading a play, I'm more the novel-type, but I made an exception for Čechov. The most amazing thing about his plays is, that although they are over 100 years old, they still seem to deal with modern problems.

The plot is about a family with great outstanding debts who have to face the sale of their amazing cherry orchard, a garden which is so incredibly beautiful and old that it even was mentioned in the encyclopaedical dictionary. They are afraid, that after the garden gets sold, the new owner will chop all the trees to make space for new datchas.


The caracters are portraied very lovely (even the dislikable ones) and it's a very funny play (intended or not) due to the terrible communication between the characters who absolutely don't listen to each other.

Although introducing the first sort of monologue in Russian literature - "sort of" because technically Gajev is talking to his cupboard - Čechov himself thought of it as one of his weakest plays.

The reason why I rated it 4,5/5 stars is, that the lack of advancing plot makes it sometimes a little exhausting to read.